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PPS(Plug Plant System)

Greenhouse/ Indoor Cultivation
Plug Plant System  Multi-Layer
Adjustable Light Dimming, Auto-Spray system, Water cool

 PPS-LED Growlight-Spec sheet-2016.pdf

How to balance a high level of efficiency and keep labor & energy costs low?

The cost of growing space is a significant investment for growers. Constantly having to shuffle trays around a greenhouse is not only inefficient but can have a negative impact and quite possibly compromise the quality and yield of a growers production. A true challenge for most growers is to balance a high level of efficiency while keeping labor & energy costs low.

Its specially designed for the grower that is looking to maximize his plug quality and production. It features adjustable controls over both intensity and power, giving growers the flexibility to speed up or slow down their production.

Space and energy savings for any propagator
0-350 Micro-Moles with proven light recipes
15,000-25,000 plugs in less than 20 square feet of greenhouse growing space (plant dependent)
Adjustable control over intensity and power
Control by speeding up or slowing down production
Proven spectra for strong rooting
Low power consumption
Customizable for cart sizes
Misting bars included
Water cooled(Option)

Design process

Installation process

Operation process

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