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Indoor Gardening - Display plant factory system
LED Grow Light
Every floor can be dimming control
Hydropnic Kits(option).

 NATURA-Display Plant factory system-2016-PARUS-(e).pdf

Display Plant Factory System

(Home & Office , Restaurant, Café)

1. Model Name : “Eco-Natura”

Input Voltage: AC90245V, 50/60Hz, Power Line Cord : 3m

On/Off Timer, LED Dimming Control

2. Size, Color, material


W1920mm x L120mm x H1800, Package size : W1834mm x L285mm x H260

-Color : Black ALU

-Material : All Aluminum

3. Culture Type 

Basic :  Square pot (50pcs)

Option : Hydroponics Kit, Drip system Kit

4. Weight

Approx. 30Kg

5. LED Grow Light

Grow White 1800mm 60W x 3pcs, Dimming Control

LEDs: 2~3Watt, Hi-Power PG LED

PPFD: 180 µmol m-2s-1measure the distance200mm

Life Time: Over 50,000 hr

Lamp Angle: 90
Safety : CE, EMC, LVD


6. Option

Coco peat

Hydroponic Kit(Pump, Net pot, water Tank, Sponge)

Drip System Kit (Controller, Pipe, Drip pin)

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