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Indoor Gardening
LED Grow Light  Linear
Lighting Mode Selection
Red/Blue Separate Dimming

 PARUS TERA - Tech Specs.pdf

Do you want a professional light but easy to use? Here is an answer for your gardening. TERA is the simplest solution for home growers who focus on productivity. It is a linear lamp, but not all white as other home grow lights, TERA has red and blue LEDs, and you can dim two colors separately. It also has four different modes, which present proper light intensity for lettuce, herb, flower and others. You can simply convert modes by pressing a button on the control panel of TERA. You want to unify lamps for easy maintenance, but you grow various kinds of plants, or you change plants depending on seasons, then try TERA. 

LED Grow Light    TERA

Indoor Gardening – Garden center, Mini greenhouse, School or Research

► Full Spectrum LED ratio

► Intelligent control including R&B Dimming control, On/Off Timer and Pulse control

► Easy use.one plug & play lighting

► Suitable for both new grower and professional grower

► Good for most of general plants


► Power Consumption : 35 Watt

► Input Voltage : AC90~245V, 50/60Hz

► Lighting : LED Grow Light - Linear (PPF 286μmol @300mm)

► Lamp Angle : 90 °

► Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

► Cultivable Plants : Salad, Herb, Strawberry, Baby leaf, flowers, etc

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