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Indoor Gardening
LED Grow Light for Pot Plant
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 PARUS iSUN (POT-LED) - Tech Specs.pdf

Your plant is not vigor indoors? You want to see greens and flowers all year round in your room, but the light is not enough for plants? Give your plant its own mini sun. iSUN is the solution for pot plants and flowers, it can be plugged into any plant’s pot. You can keep your pot plants healthy and nurtured in any season. iSUN gives suitable light for plant growth and also gives you comfort warm white light. And you can choose different hat’s color matches your pot or room’s atmosphere.

pdf Quick Guide iSUN - 2016

LED Grow Light    iSUN 

Indoor Gardening - Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen, Office

► Special LED ratio suitable for plant growth

► Good heat sink for long life

► Intelligent control including dimming control, On/Off timer and pulse control

► Low-voltage for safe use

► More choices for the cap color

► Height can be adjustable  0.3~1.1m

► Patented product


► Power Consumption : 7 Watt

► Input Voltage : AC90~245V, 50/60Hz

► Lighting : LED Grow Light - Bulb (PPF 120μmol @100mm)

► Lamp Angle : 90 °

► Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

► Cultivable Plants : Different size plants in pot or container


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